This is not boot camp. This is outdoor training. West Hoxton.


The tekniq story

The founders view

Have you ever worked in an environment where people don’t say hello, they don’t know your name, that you have kids, if your married or not, any ambitions you have or what you do on the weekend? I did. I hated feeling like I meant nothing to the people around me that I spent most of my time with, trying to impress. It really felt like a ‘job’. I felt like I didn’t matter. I did my best but it still wasn’t enough.

TekniQ started to form many years ago in my previous roles in the corporate world and especially as I became a Human Resources Manager and saw what really meant to people in their lives; feeling important, being acknowledged, making impressions and feeling good about themselves.

This is the environment I wanted to harness and create. A place where not only my team and I enjoyed but also the people that trained with us enjoyed too. Where friendships were formed, people turn up early to ‘chat’, where you see people shake hands to greet each other, someone asks about another person when they are not there, they make friends on social media and they are involved in extra activities to build relationships – basically a community.

The way tekniQ did things played a big factor in creating this environment. I wanted to empower and encourage people to make positive choices, do things the way they are meant to be, enjoy feeling good about themselves and not cost them a fortune to do so.

I truly believe that life is about making positive choices, having positive people around you to help lift you up and motivate you along the way.

So over the years tekniQ has become a close knit community of people that become interested in their training and also the people around them. They are up for a good laugh and a hard session and they want to prioritise themselves and their fitness – even if it’s just for one hour on our fields.

Our story began years ago and is still developing today. I have always tried to lead by example, to create a positive and happy environment and to encourage all people to get out there and train. I don’t care if you have never trained before in your life, if you have had an injury or if you suffer from anxiety – to me you are all important and so is your fitness.

I hope you can be part of our continuing journey and come join us on the field.