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Dee Zamprogno, 09/30/2014

All through my life I’d been very fit, and loved the gym, running, playing tennis, and swimming; all of it. But slowly over time my health and fitness were declining, and my weight was increasing little by little. Divorce, being a single mother, studying two degrees whilst bringing up my four children, stress, some niggling injuries, a couple of serious health scares, depression and anxiety; I was beginning to feel very “old”, and didn’t like how I looked or felt. I wasn’t able to do my shoes up without getting out of breath, and forget walking up a flight of stairs! I tried various forms of exercise, but I found it all very isolating and boring. I found it really hard to stay motivated. I had also developed asthma, and I developed plantar faciitis and a heel spur. I struggled with my foot injuries for almost 18 months and was resigned to feeling that way forever. I am only 51 now, but lots of days I felt more like I was an old woman.

Dee encouraged me to give tekniQ a try. I was excited by the prospect of possibly regaining a little fitness, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I joined during Block 1 this year (2014). By the end of the first session I was completely hooked! At first I did struggle, big time. Dee was always there to encourage me, and offer options for each exercise because with all the old injuries I was carrying, I was not in good shape. When I first started I wore knee supports on both legs, I wasn’t able to run at all, and by the end of warm ups I was wheezing and out of breath. I loved the atmosphere of training with all different types of people, and everyone was friendly and offered support. Slowly, slowly my fitness began to improve. I got frustrated with my progress, and especially with my asthma – I’d never had when I was younger, and it would hit me just when I thought I was doing well. Always Dee was right there with a positive word, to remind me to be patient, and to quickly draw my attention to my progress so far.

So, we are about to start Block 7 as I write this. How am I doing? I no longer need the knee supports. I can RUN! Recently, I got right through a session and realised I hadn’t used my puffer at all, for the whole session! Even though my weight loss isn’t much at this point in time, I have completely changed shape – I’ve lost 10cm from my waist measurement alone! I feel fabulous, and I know I am on a good road to being healthy and well, and I’m enjoying my life. I can run up a flight of stairs, walk briskly without getting out of breath, and I am proud of everything I’ve done so far.

I will continue on this journey with tekniQ training, and I tell everyone about how great my experience has been so far.

I’m amazed by Dee’s talent and creativity with her programs; I don’t think we’ve had any two sessions that were exactly alike. The atmosphere is positive, and Dee and the other trainers are friendly and encouraging. Dee is always on the spot to talk if there is a problem or to offer advice, and even though we train in groups she makes you feel like the session is all about you as an individual. I’m a tekniQ-er forever!

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