This is not boot camp. This is outdoor training. West Hoxton.


Liz Murko

Dee Zamprogno, 09/28/2014

Four years ago after seeing my cousin Anita look amazing after having 2 kids, I was given Dee’s number and enquired about my first session.  Before I started I was 80kgs and unhappy about the way I looked and felt.  I needed things to change!  It took a lot of courage to attend my first class.  I was so unfit and really struggled.

Every session I attended was different and challenging.  Dee was always encouraging and making me push myself that little bit more.  My goal was to lose weight and to wear a dress. I hadn’t bought a dress in years, as I felt uncomfortable because of my size.

About 2 ½ years ago, I made the decision to change my eating habits and attend class 3 times a week.  Each block saw me tone up and lose weight.  I decided to get measured at the end of each block.  This way I could see my change and continue working towards my goal.  It felt great seeing my body change for the better and my fitness improve.  In total I have lost 15kgs, I feel great and now wear dresses!!

I love going to each class and I have made some great friends. We all encourage and push each other that little bit more.  Dee is just the best of the best. Each time I go to a session, she blows me away with what she comes up with.  You can see her passion for what she does – she is amazing.  Tekniq is outdoor training with a lot more – come join and see for yourself!!

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