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Dee Zamprogno, 01/01/2014

I started training because I wasn’t happy with my weight, my level of fitness and where I was heading with my health and wellbeing. In my younger days I was always very fit and active but as the years passed, I got caught in a rut and neglected my health and fitness. A physically demanding job took over from sport and fitness and subsequently my diet suffered too. I was always tired, felt sluggish and was starting to feel a lot of aches and pains throughout my body in particular my back. Being 37 years old and with my weight at 97kg and rising and 2 young kids I needed to do something because I knew it was only going to get harder and my health would suffer and I didn’t want to be a father who couldn’t run around with his kids. That’s when I decided to join TekniQ and have not looked back.

From the moment I started training I knew it was exactly what I needed, physically challenging, motivating, inspirational, fun, friendly and lots of variety.

Dee is a FANTASTIC trainer who motivates and inspires you to reach your goals and has a wealth of knowledge in health and fitness. With the help of trainers Dan & Rana the sessions are always different (NEVER BORING) and are conducted in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

TekniQ has helped me lose 12kgs since Jan 2013 (just over 12mths) and I am now fitter and physically stronger than I have ever been and have a lot more energy.  My diet has improved with the assistance of TekniQ’s nutrition plan put together by Dee and I now have reached my goal weight of 85kgs and aim to be the fittest that I possibly can be.  My body feels fantastic and my back has improved immensely.

I enjoy everything about training, the physical, mental and social aspect. I have met a lot of fantastic people through TekniQ who are always there to motivate and inspire you as well as have a laugh with. It’s a great atmosphere, which is uplifting and I always walk away from training feeling motivated and inspired.

Joining TekniQ has been the best thing I’ve done for my health and fitness and I cant say thank you enough to Dee and the team at TekniQ.


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