This is not boot camp. This is outdoor training. West Hoxton.


Anne-Marie Romano


I have been into fitness since I was a child, engaging in a variety of sports such as swimming, gymnastics, tennis and netball and have been a part of TekniQ Training for over five years. I am currently still playing netball and I have continued an active lifestyle well into my adulthood, even coaching teenagers, an empowering experience in itself as it helped lead them into fitter healthier lives.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education Primary and during this I completed my Certificate III and IV in fitness. During this period I’ve witnessed myself become fitter and stronger. Shadowing Dee and gaining the insights of the fitness industry has allowed me to become happier within myself and develop a more positive mindset.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have struggled with my weight and, at first, was very hesitant to become a Personal Trainer as I did not see myself to be the ‘ideal’ candidate, as majority of individuals expect a PT to be fit and lean with a body shape we all aspire to have. This perception was changed at TekniQ and I gained an understanding that being skinny is not the ‘magic formula’ to being happy. It’s having ta positive mindset, setting goals and being consistent in your active lifestyle.

I now see fitness in a new light. It is not what most people perceive it to be, solely about working out for an hour a day, but instead it is ensuring you are focussed and living a healthy lifestyle.