This is not boot camp. This is outdoor training. West Hoxton.


Why train with us?

We cater for all levels of fitness

Training at tekniQ means you don’t have to pass any tests to get in and you don’t have to be a certain type of fitness to train with us. You just need to want to train – that’s the most important thing to us.

Before you train with us we like to know a few things about you so we ask you to fill out our pre-screen form and give us a good idea about your health, fitness and anything that may affect your training.

To answer the question though, why train with us? Well it’s simple. When you train with us you get to turn up and trust that there will be a program ready that has been well thought out and developed and not just made up on the spot. Training with us means we train with you. We like to get in there and get involved. We don’t stand there yelling at you from a distance. We test all our sessions out and understand what it feels like to do a particular program.

We love to train ourselves and not just train others as a ‘job’ – yeah we actually love to train!

So you can come and try it out and if you don’t like it we are ok with that. In fact, we have special discounts for new members. No hard feelings and hopefully we will see you again. If you do like it then that’s great and we will take you in and take you to new limits.

IMG_7938 Pre-Screen Form circle-img-2 New Members