This is not boot camp. This is outdoor training. West Hoxton.


Zoe Smith

Dee Zamprogno, 09/26/2014

As a child I was always relatively healthy, but once I started high school and the teenage years approached, so did my weight. I wasn’t too worried about it, until dancing for 13 years made me realise how ‘big boned’ I had become in comparison to all my friends.  In 2012 whilst in year 12 I it really struck home as to how unhappy I was with my health – I was eating rubbish, not exercising, feeling sluggish with no energy and I was really not looking forward to the way I would look in my formal dress.

It was then that I put my foot down and decided to join TekniQ with the rest of my family.

Within a few sessions, I knew I made the right choice; not only was my fitness improving out of sight, but I was engaging with a whole new group of people who were motivated and who continually encouraged me to push myself when I thought it was all too hard. The environment then, and still now is so inviting and the passion is contagious – you can’t help yourself but to feel the need to train! While we all may have different lifestyles and different reasons for training, we all have one thing in common; to get the most out of our session. There is no better feeling then walking away from a session knowing how much effort I put in, and while I knew I’d be sore the next day, I was so overwhelmed by the changes I had discovered that this pain meant nothing to me.

TekniQ has exposed me to a lifestyle that I never thought I would obtain; I have developed a love for my health and feel like I can get out and do whatever I want! The words ‘going for a run’ were non existent in my vocabulary but now if I feel like going for a run, I am physically capable of doing it, its no longer a chore but instead is a method for me to breathe and clear my mind. I have discovered a new health and new love for the outdoors, I’ve learnt to listen to my body and developed persistence, I have established a comfort within myself – not only in regards to my body size, but also my overall wellbeing; all this I owe to TekniQ, one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

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